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Devblog 74

Matt 5417 2015-08-21

Workshop goodies, more PvP improvements and more!

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Getting On Icebergs

Matt 11832 2015-08-18

Fancy going for a swim? Getting to the top of icebergs became a little more difficult a few weeks ago, but Redditor covetmob...

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Cheap & Compact Base

Matt 17411 2015-08-18

It can be hard starting out in the world of Rust on your own, but Redditor LikeSubDerp has showcased his small base design su...

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Devblog 73

Matt 1568 2015-08-18

Big PvP changes and fixes, loot table balancing, networked head movement and more!

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Devblog 64

Matt 2016 2015-06-14

Mining, water catchers, UI changes, more performance tweaks and more. It's this weeks Devblog!

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Wild Wild Rust

Matt 4608 2015-06-09

Taking us back to the times of the Wild West, Redditor SHADOWFRAX has created a town where rival clans can settle their diffe...

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Devblog 63

Matt 1852 2015-06-05

New ammo, throwable spears, new terrain, massive performance gains and more! It's this weeks Devblog!

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Terrain Update

Matt 3832 2015-06-02

This weeks Devblog is looking to be packed with exciting new visuals for both the Procedural Maps and the new Hapis Island. R...

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Devblog 62

Matt 1614 2015-05-29

No update this week, but plenty to look forward to in the next Devblog!

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Devblog 61

Matt 1603 2015-05-24

Ladders, lots of optimizations. bug fixes and more. It's this weeks Devblog!

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Upcoming: Ladders

Matt 3858 2015-05-20

There's been a lot of discussion over the past few months about how to address so-called "elevator bases" and "rock bases". Y...

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Devblog 60

Matt 1750 2015-05-15

Hapis Island unsucked, signal grenades, new ammo, new construction parts and more. It's this weeks Devblog!

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